2-Way Radio Scrambler IC

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Two-way Radio ICs
The AK2360A is a radio scrambler IC device suitable for half-duplex communication.

Key Features

(1)Frequency inversion type scrambler for a voice encryption two-way radio

(2)High quality decoded voice: S/N=47dB(Typ), S/(N+D)=50dB(Typ)

(3)Allowing selection of an inverted frequency (3.397kHz or 3.039kHz) and voice passage band

(4)Scrambler bypass function included

(5)Based on 5.3125MHz (1/4 for 21.25MHz) external clock supply

(6)Operating voltage: 2.6V to 3.3V

(7)Operating temperature: -30C to +85C

(8)Package: 8-pin SON

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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