1ch Anode Common LDD with APC

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AK2550 is the single channel anode common LDD (Laser Diode Driver) suitable for MFP (Multi- Function Printer) and LBP (Laser Beam Printer).
AK2550 equips the LDD switching the LD (Laser Diode) current, and the feed-back APC (Auto Power Control) maintaining the optical LD power constant with monitoring the PD (Photo Diode) current (Ipd) and adjusting the operation current (Iop) for the LD.
AK2550 is applicable to the system which power supply voltage is 3.3V [Typ.] or 5V [Typ.].

Key Features

・ 1ch Anode Common LDD:
Supplying the bias current (Ibias) and the switching current (Isw)

・ Feed-Back APC (APC_FB):
Maintaining the optical LD power constant with monitoring PD current (Ipd), and adjusting LD current (Iop) by the control for Ibias or Isw

・ Error Detection:
Detecting the power supply voltage (LVDD) dropping, the excessive LD current output and the disconnection on LVDS lines

・ Power Supply Voltage: 3.3V±5% or 5V±5%

・ Package: 20pin QFN with the exposed pad

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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