Zero Drift operational amplifiers

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AK2921 is the dual channel CMOS operational amplifires which is available to output with very low input offset voltage (±1.0μV) and near zero input offset dirft.  It’s operated with very small current consumptions, 260±A typ./ch (VDD:5.0V), which is available to operate full swing signals in output.  AK2921 is suitable for Sensor Pre Amp. applications.

Key Features

- Low Voltage, Single Supply Operation : 1.6V ~ 5.5V

- Very Low Input Offset Voltage : ± 1.0μV typ.

- Near Zero Dirft over time and temperature : ± 5.0nV/℃ typ.

- Full Swing Outputs to 10kΩ Load

- Power Supply Current : 260μA typ./ch (VDD: 5.0V, No Load)

- Gain Bandwidth : 0.8MHz typ.

- Package : TMSOP8

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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