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The AK4145 is a BTSC Encoder with D/A Converter, which is optimized for Digital AV application. The AK4145 achieves high audio performance using a digital BTSC encoding architecture which requires no alignment of external parts. The AK4145 supports major audio data formats (MSB justified, I2S, TDM) to interface with usual DSP. Therefore, the AK4145 is suitable for the systems such as Digital STB/TV, digital recorder.

Key Features

• Alignment Free Digital BTSC Stereo Encoding

• Base band Composite Audio Output (Mono/Stereo)

• Digital Volume for Composite Audio Output

• Digital De-emphasis filter (32k/44.1k/48kHz)

• Stereo Digital Volume Control for Audio Input Data

• Soft Mute

• Stereo Matrix Control

• Sampling Rate (fs): 32k/44.1k/48kHz

• Master Clock: 256fs/384fs/512fs/768fs

• I/F format: 24-Bit MSB justified, 24/20/16-Bit LSB justified or I2S

• Control: Standalone/I2C-bus Selectable

• Video Input for Pilot Synchronization

• S/(N+D): 0.01%

• S/N: 82dB

• Channel Separation: 47dB

• Power Supply: 1.7V to 1.9V, 2.7 to 3.6V

• Ta: -20 to 85°C

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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