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The AK4181A is a 4-wire touch screen controller that incorporates a 12-bit 125kHz sampling SAR A/D converter. The AK4181A can detect the pressed screen location by performing two A/D conversions. In addition to location, the AK4181A also measures touch screen pressure. On-chip VREF can be utilized for two analog auxiliary inputs and battery monitoring, with the ability to measure voltages from 0V to 5V. The AK4181A also has an on-chip temperature sensor.

Key Features

• Sampling Frequency: 125kHz(max)

• Pen Pressure Measurement

• On-Chip Thermo Sensor

• Two Auxiliary Analog Inputs

• Direct Battery Measurement

• 4-wire I/F

• On-Chip Voltage Reference (2.5V)

• 12 bit SAR type A/D Converter with S/H circuit

• Low Power Consumption (250µA)

• Low Voltage Operation (2.7V - 3.6V)

• Package 16pin TSSOP

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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