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6:2 AV Switch

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The AK4223 is an AV switch with 6:2 audio and 6:2 video switches. High performances with low power consumption are achieved by CMOS process. Integrated differential input circuits in audio and video blocks can separate the external ground noise. In audio block, a differential input circuit, audio LPF and 0dB/-6dB gain amplifier are integrated eliminating the needs for external LPF for audio outputs. In video block, an input clamp circuit, 6dB amplifier and video driver are integrated, and they also eliminate the need for external circuits. The AK4223 is offered in a space saving small 48-pin LQFP package, ideal for car navigation applications.

Key Features

1. Audio Section

• Selector with 6 inputs and 2 outputs

• Differential Input Circuit for Ground Noise Canceling

• LPF Circuit for Audio signals

• Output Gain Control: 0dB to - 6dB, -1dB Step

• S/(N+D): 90dB (@0dBV)

• Dynamic Range: 94dB

• Channel-Independent Mute Function

2. Video Section

• Selector with 6 inputs and 2 outputs

• Six Composite Signal Inputs

• On-Chip Sync-tip Clamp Circuit

• Video Drivers for Composite Signal Output (+6dB/+3dB/0dB/-3dB)

• Output Gain Control: -1dB to +1dB, 0.1dB Step

• LPF Circuit for Video signals (Bandwidth: 6MHz)

• S/N: 65dB

• Channel-Independent Mute Function

3. Control Section

• Serial µP I/F (I2C)

4. Power Supply: 7.5V to 9.5V

5. Ta = -40 to 85 °C

6. Package: 48pin LQFP

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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