7:2 Capless Video Switch

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The AK4254 is a 2ch Video AMP with 7:2 video switch, input clamp circuit, LPF and charge pump circuit. The integrated charge pump circuit can generate the negative power supply and remove the output coupling capacitor. The AK4254 suits Car Navigation system. The AK4254 is offered in a space saving 30pin VSOP package.

Key Features

1. Video Section

• Composite Signal Inputs/Output

• Selector for 7 inputs and 2 outputs

• Video Driver for Composite Signal Output (+6dB)

• On-Chip Sync-tip Clamp Circuit

• 6MHz Low Pass Filter

• Charge pump circuit for negative power supply

• Parallel I/F or Serial µP I/F (I2C, 3-wires serial)

2. Power Supply: 2.7V to 3.6V

3. Ta=-40 to +85°C

4. Package: 30pin VSOP

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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