FM-VICS Tuner with Splitter

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The AK4270 is a FM tuner with a splitter. The RF signal from the antenna is split into two ways, one is connected to the output port and another one is connected to the internal FM tuner for composite signal generation. The splitter supports high input up to 118dBuV for P1dB. The isolation between output ports is 30dB, reducing the effect from LO leakage. The FM tuner integrates a mixer, an oscillation circuit, a PLL synthesizer and an IF filter, requiring less external components than conventional tuners. In order to reduce the effect of EMI from external devices, LO frequency is selectable between UPPER and LOWER. It also has a built-in S-meter circuit that indicates received signal strength and an IF counter circuit for detecting broadcast stations. The AK4270 can be combined with another FM tuner to configure a car navigation system with FM-VICS function easily.

Key Features

■ Splitter

    - 75Ω Input/Output

    - Supports High Input (P1dB: 118dBuV)

    - Isolation: 30dB

■ FM Tuner

    - Frequency Range: 76MHz to 108MHz

    - Composite Output

    - FM Demodulation Circuit

    - PLL Synthesizer

    - Oscillation Circuit (Oscillation Frequency: 37MHz)

    - IF Filter

    - S-Meter Circuit

    - IF Counter Circuit

    - UPPER/LOWER select of LO Frequency

■ μP Interface: I2C-bus (Ver 1.0, 400kHz Mode)

■ Power Supply:

    - Analog: 4.5 to 5.5V

    - Digital: 3.0 to 3.6V

■ Power Consumption:

    - Analog: 60mA(typ)

    - Digital: 0.6mA(typ)

■ Operational Temperature: Ta = -40 to 85°C

■ Package: 48LQFP

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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