3V 96kHz 24-Bit 2ch DAC with 1Vrms Output

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The AK4344 is a 24bit low voltage & low power stereo. The AK4344 uses the Advanced Multi-Bit Delta Sigma architecture, which achieves DR=100dB at 3.3V operation. The AK4344 integrates a combination of SCF and CTF filters increasing performance for systems with excessive clock jitter. The output voltage level can be set as high as 1Vrms. The AK4344 is offered in a space saving 16pin TSSOP package.

Key Features

• Sampling Rate: 8kHz to 96kHz

• 24-Bit 8 times FIR Digital Filter

• SCF with high tolerance to clock jitter

• Single-ended output buffer

• Digital de-emphasis for 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz sampling

• I/F Format: 24-Bit MSB justified, 16/24-Bit LSB justified, I2S Compatible

• Master Clock:

512/768/1024/1536fs for Half Speed (8kHz to 24kHz)

256/384/512/768fs for Normal Speed (8kHz to 48kHz)

128/192/256/384fs for Double Speed (48kHz to 96kHz)

• µP Interface: 4-wire/3-wire

• CMOS Input Level

• THD+N: -90dB(0dB)

• DR, S/N: 100dB

• DAC output voltage level: 1Vrms (@VDD=3.3V)

• Power Supply: 2.7 to 3.6V

• Ta = -20 to 85°C

• 16pin TSSOP

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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