5V 192kHz 24-Bit 2ch DAC with 2Vrms Output

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The AK4420 is a 5V 24-bit stereo DAC with an integrated 2Vrms output buffer. A charge pump in the buffer develops an internal negative power supply rail that enables a ground-referenced 2Vrms output. Using AKM’s multi bit modulator architecture, the AK4420 delivers a wide dynamic range while preserving linearity for improved THD+N performance. The AK4420 integrates a combination of switched-capacitor and continuous-time filters, increasing performance for systems with excessive clock jitter. The 24-bit word length and 192kHz sampling rate make this part ideal for a wide range of consumer audio applications, such as DVD, AV receiver system and set-top boxes. The AK4420 is offered in a space saving 16pin TSSOP package.

Key Features

• Sampling Rate Ranging from 8kHz to 192kHz

• 128 times Oversampling (Normal Speed Mode)

• 64 times Oversampling (Double Speed Mode)

• 32 times Oversampling (Quad Speed Mode)

• 24-Bit 8 times FIR Digital Filter

• Switched-Capacitor Filter with High Tolerance to Clock Jitter

• Single Ended 2Vrms Output Buffer

• Soft mute

• I/F format: 24-Bit MSB justified or I2S

• Master clock: 512fs, 768fs or 1152fs (Normal Speed Mode)

256fs or 384fs (Double Speed Mode)

128fs, 192fs (Quad Speed Mode)

• THD+N: -92dB

• Dynamic Range: 105dB

• Automatic Power-on Reset Circuit

• Power supply: +4.5  +5.5V

• Ta = -20 to 85°C (ET), -40 to 85°C (VT)

• Small Package: 16pin TSSOP (6.4mm x 5.0mm)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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