24-Bit 96kHz Audio CODEC

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The AK4524 is a high performance 24bit CODEC for the 96kHz recording system. The ADC has an Enhanced Dual Bit architecture with wide dynamic range. The DAC uses the new developed Advanced Multi Bit architecture and achieves low outband noise and high jitter tolerance by use of SCF (switched capacitor filter) techniques. The AK4524 has an input PGA and is well-suited MD, DVTR system and musical instruments.

Key Features

• 24bit 2ch ADC

- 64x Oversampling

- Single-End Inputs

- S/(N+D): 90dB

- Dynamic Range, S/N: 100dB

- Digital HPF for offset cancellation

- Input PGA with +18dB gain & 0.5dB step

- Input DATT with -72dB att

- I/F format: MSB justified or I2S

• 24bit 2ch DAC

- 128x Oversampling

- 24bit 8 times Digital Filter

Ripple: ±0.005dB, Attenuation: 75dB


- Differential Outputs

- S/(N+D): 94dB

- Dynamic Range, S/N: 110dB

- De-emphasis for 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz sampling

- Output DATT with -72dB att

- Soft Mute

- I/F format: MSB justified, LSB justified or I2S

• High Jitter Tolerance

• 3-wire Serial Interface for Volume Control

• Master Clock

- X’tal Oscillating Circuit

- 256fs/384fs/512fs/768fs/1024fs

• Master Mode/Slave Mode

• 5V operation

• 3V Power Supply Pin for 3V I/F

• Small 28pin SSOP package

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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