Low Power & Small Package 24-Bit CODEC

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The AK4552 is a low voltage 24bit 96kHz A/D & D/A converter for digital audio system. In the AK4552, the loss of accuracy form clock jitter is also improved by using SCF techniques for on-chip post filter. Analog signal input/output of the AK4552 are single-ended, therefore, any external filters are not required. As the package is 16pin TSSOP, the AK4552 is a suitable for minimizing system.

Key Features

• HPF for DC-offset cancel (fc=3.4Hz@fs=44.1kHz)

• Single-ended ADC

- S/(N+D): 89dB@VA=3.0V

- Dynamic Range, S/N: 97dB@VA=3.0V

• Single-ended DAC

- Digital de-emphasis for 32kHz, 44.1kHz and 48kHz sampling

- S/(N+D): 88dB@VA=3.0V

- Dynamic Range, S/N: 100dB@VA=3.0V

• Audio I/F format: MSB First, 2’s Compliment

- ADC: 24bit MSB justified, DAC: 24bit LSB justified

• Input/Output Voltage: ADC = 1.85Vpp@VA=3.0V

DAC = 1.75Vpp@VA=3.0V

• Sampling Rate: 8kHz to 50kHz (Normal Speed)

50kHz to 100kHz (Double Speed, Double Speed Monitor)

100kHz to 200kHz (Quad Speed Monitor)

• Master Clock: 256fs, 384fs, 512fs or 768fs@Normal Speed

256fs or 384fs@Double Speed

128fs or 192fs@Double Speed Monitor

64fs, 96fs, 128fs or 192fs@Quad Speed Monitor

• Power Supply: 2.4 to 4.0V

• Power Supply Current: 14mA

• Ta = -40 to 85°C

• Very Small Package: 16pin TSSOP

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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