103dB/106dB 192kHz 24-Bit 2ch ADC & 2ch DAC

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The AK4556 is a low voltage 24bit 192kHz CODEC for high performance battery powered digital audio subsystems. The dynamic performance to power supply voltage ratio is very high, attaining 103dB and 106dB SNR for ADC and DAC, respectively. Sampling rates up to 216kHz are supported. The AK4556 reduces jitter sensitivity by using an integrated switched-capacitor filter. The analog inputs and outputs are single-ended to minimize pin count and external filtering requirements. Packaged in a very small 20-pin TSSOP, the AK4556 is ideal for space-sensitive applications.

Key Features

• Single-ended ADC

- Dynamic Range, S/N: 103dB@VA=3.0V

- S/(N+D): 91dB@VA=3.0V

- HPF for DC-offset cancel (fc = 1Hz @ fs=48kHz)

- HPF can be disabled

• Single-ended DAC

- Dynamic Range, S/N: 106dB@VA=3.0V

- S/(N+D): 90dB@VA=3.0V

- Digital de-emphasis for 32kHz, 44.1kHz and 48kHz sampling

• Audio I/F format: MSB First, 2’s Complement

- ADC: 24bit MSB justified or I2S compatible

- DAC: 24bit MSB justified, 24bit LSB justified or I2S compatible

• Input/Output Voltage: ADC = 2.1Vpp @ VA=3.0V

DAC = 2.1Vpp @ VA=3.0V

• Master/Slave mode

• Sampling Rate:

- Normal Speed: 8kHz to 54kHz (256fs or 512fs)

8kHz to 48kHz (384fs or 768fs)

- Double Speed: 54kHz to 108kHz (256fs)

48kHz to 96kHz (384fs)

- Quad Speed: 108kHz to 216kHz (128fs)

96kHz to 192kHz (192fs)

• Master Clock:

- Slave mode: 256fs, 384fs, 512fs or 768fs (Normal Speed)

256fs or 384fs (Double Speed)

128fs or 192fs (Quad Speed)

- Master mode: 256fs or 512fs (Normal Speed)

256fs (Double Speed)

128fs (Quad Speed)

• Power Supply: 2.4 to 3.6V (Normal Speed, Double Speed)

2.7 to 3.6V (Quad Speed)

• Power Supply Current: 27.5mA

• Ta = -40 to 85°C

• Very Small Package: 20pin TSSOP

• Upper compatible with AK4552

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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