USB Interface Audio CODEC

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The AK4571 is a USB Interface audio CODEC. The AK4571 incorporates a 16-bit CODEC, PLLs, USB transceiver, SIE (serial interface engine), audio class processing unit, FIFO and other required signals into a single chip. The AK4571 can simultaneously transmit and receive audio stream data through USB bus. In addition to this, the single-channel ADC and 2- channel DAC can operate at different sampling rates. The AK4571 has a programmable gain amplifier for analog input (IPGA). The gain range is from –31dB to +24dB with 1dB steps. In addition to the IPGA, the AK4571 also has a fixed +20dB pre-amplifier. Analog input signals can be mixed directly with the D/A signal and sent to the LINEOUT pins of the chip. The analog outputs of the AK4571 can be attenuated up to –47dB in 1dB steps. The AK4571 also has an analog bass boost circuit. Bass Boost response can be modified by changing the values of external resistors and capacitors. The AK4571 has a Human Interface Device function that allows a user to control the playback volume at the device side. The playback volume on mixer applet moves up or down automatically by the operation of HID buttons. The AK4571 also can mute analog input signal locally in addition to mixer applet control. The AK4571 has advanced power management capabilities. Suspend current is less than 1uA. The AK4571 can also control the power of an external headphone amplifier to conform to the USB suspend current requirement of 500uA maximum. The AK4571 has a Microwire interface for an external EEPROM, allowing customization of Vendor ID and product ID. The high integration of the AK4571 reduces both the number of external components required and the PCB area required to build USB devices, including small format products such as USB headsets.

Key Features

• USB Audio Controller

12 Mbps bit rate

USB Serial Interface Engine (SIE)

Audio Class Processing Block

4 Endpoints

USB transceiver

• 16bit CODEC

- Single-channel A/D Converter

Microphone Pre-Amp (Fixed Gain: 20dB)

Mute/Volume Control

Programmable Gain Control

+24dB to –31dB ( 1dB step )

- D/A Converter

2 channels

- Mixer

Mute/Attenuation Control

+0dB to –47dB ( 1dB step )

Analog Bass Boost

• HID Support

- remote control of playback volume/mute

- recording mute/status function

• Power Management

- control of external headphone amplifier

- low power at suspend mode (< 1uA)

• EEPROM Interface (Microwire Interface)

- can read Device/String Descriptor from EEPROM

- 1K/2K/4K bit EEPROM

• On-chip PLL

7 sampling frequencies:

8kHz, 11.025kHz, 16kHz, 22.05kHz, 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz

• Single Power Supply, Low Power


• Package

48pin LQFP

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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