Low Power 24-Bit 4ch CODEC with MIC/HP/SPK/LINE-Amp

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The AK4695 is a low power consumption 24bit stereo CODEC with microphone, headphone, speaker and line amplifiers. The input circuits include 4ch microphone amplifiers, input selectors and an ALC (Automatic Level Control) circuit, and the output circuits include a line amplifier, a cap-less headphone amplifier and a speaker amplifier. It is suitable for portable application with recording/playback function. The integrated charge pump circuit generates a negative voltage and removes the output AC coupling capacitors. The AK4695 is available in a small 42pin CSP, utilizing less board space than competitive offerings.

Key Features

1. Recording Function

  · Two Low Noise MIC Power Supplies

  · Stereo Single-ended input with five Selectors

  · Low Noise MIC Amplifier: +30dB ~ +24dB (3dB Step), +21dB ~ +3dB (1.5dB Step)

  · ADC Performance: S/(N+D): 86dB, DR, S/N: 98dB (MIC-Amp=+21dB)

    -S/(N+D): 93dB, DR, S/N: 103dB (MIC-Amp=+12dB)

  · Microphone Sensitivity Compensation: 0dB ~ -9dB, 0.75dB Step

  · HPF x 2/LPF, 2-band Equalizer

  · 4ch Digital ALC (Automatic Level Control)

   (Setting Range: +54dB ~ -36dB, 0.375dB Step)

  · Soft Mute

  · 4ch Digital MIC Interface


2. Playback Function

  · Digital ALC (Automatic Level Control)

   (Setting Range: +54dB ~ -36dB, 0.375dB Step)

  · 3-band Dynamic Range Control Circuit

  · Digital Volume Control (+12dB ~ -115dB, 0.5dB Step, Mute)

  · Stereo Line Amplifier

   - Output Power: 0.7Vrms@0.0045%, 22kW (AVDD=2.8V)

  · Capacitor-less Stereo Headphone Amplifier

   - HP-AMP Performance: S/(N+D): 75dB@15mW

   - Output Power: 30mW@16W

   - Pop Noise Free at Power-ON/OFF

  · Mono Speaker Amplifier (with Stereo Line Output Switch)

   - SPK-AMP Performance: S/(N+D): 70dB@250mW

   - BTL Output

   - Output Power: 400mW@10%, 6W (SVDD=2.8V)

   - Thermal Shutdown

   - Beep Input: +16dB ~ +2dB, 2dB Step


3.Power Management


4. Master Clock: 256fs, 512fs or 1024fs (MCKI pin)


5. Sampling Frequency: 8kHz ~ 48kHz (256fs, 512fs), 8kHz ~ 16kHz (1024fs)


6. Audio Interface Format: MSB First, 2’s complement

  · ADC: 24bit MSB justified, 16/24bit I2S

  · DAC: 24bit MSB justified, 16/24bit LSB justified, 16/24bit I2S


7. Serial mP I/F: 3-wire Serial


8. General Purpose Output


9. Ta = -30 ~ 85°C


10.Power Supply:

  · Analog Power Supply (AVDD): 2.7 ~ 3.5V

  · Digital & Headphone Power Supply (DVDD): 1.6 ~ 2.0V

  · Digital I/O Power Supply (TVDD): 1.6 or (DVDD-0.2) ~ 3.5V

  · Speaker & Charge-pump Power Supply (SVDD): 2.7 ~ 3.5V


11. Package: 42pin CSP (2.96 x 3.46mm, 0.5mm pitch)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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