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AV SCART Switch with Audio DAC, Volume and HD Video Filter

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The AK4706 offers the ideal features for digital set-top-box systems. Using AKM's multi-bit architecture for its modulator, the AK4706 delivers a wide dynamic range while preserving linearity for improved THD+N performance. The AK4706 integrates a combination of SCF and CTF filters, removing the need for high cost external filters and increasing performance for systems with excessive clock jitter. The AK4706 also including the audio switches, volumes, video switches, HD/SD video filters, etc. designed primarily for digital set-top-box systems with SCART routing. The AK4706 is offered in a space saving 64-pin LQFP package.

Key Features


  -Sampling Rates Ranging from 8kHz to 50kHz

  -64dB High Attenuation 8x FIR Digital Filter

  -2nd Order Analog LPF

  -On Chip Buffer with Single-Ended Output

  -Digital De–Emphasis for 32k, 44.1k and 48kHz Sampling

  -I/F Format: 24bit MSB Justified, I2S, 18/16bit LSB Justified

  -Master Clock: 256fs, 384fs

  -High Tolerance to Clock Jitter

Analog Switches

-Audio Section

  THD+N: –86dB (@2Vrms)

  Dynamic Range: 96dB (@2Vrms)

  Stereo Analog Volume with Pop-noise Free Circuit: +6dB to –60dB & Mute

  Analog Inputs

  Two Stereo Inputs (TV&VCR SCART)

  One Stereo Input (Changeover to Internal DAC)

  Analog Outputs

  Two Stereo Outputs (TV, VCR SCART)

  One Mono Output (Modulator)

  Pop Noise Free Circuit for Power On/Off

-Video Section

  Integrated LPF

  SD: –40dB@27MHz

  HD: –40dB@74.25MHz or 54MHz or 27MHz selectable

  75ohm Driver

  6dB Gain for Outputs

  Adjustable Gain

  Four CVBS/Y Inputs (ENCx2, TV, VCR), Three CVBS/Y Outputs (RF, TV, VCR)

  Three R/C Inputs (ENCx2, VCR), Two R/C outputs (TV, VCR)

  Three G and B Inputs (ENC, VCR, HD), Two G and B Outputs (TV, HD)

  Bi-Directional Control for VCR-Red/Chroma

  YPbPr Option (to 6MHz)

-VCR Input Monitor

-Loop–Through Mode for Standby

-Auto–Startup Mode for Power Saving

-SCART Pin#16(Fast Blanking), Pin#8(Slow Blanking) Control

-S1/S2 DC Control

AK4702/05 Software Compatible

Power Supply

  5V+/–5% and 12V+/–5%

  Low Power Dissipation / Low Power Standby Mode


  Small 64pin LQFP

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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