Cap-less AV Amp with Video Filter

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The AK4710 is a low power single AV line driver for single SCART applications. Individual video output switches can be controlled via a serial I2C bus. The AK4710 has SD video filters and line drivers offering the ideal features for digital set-top-box systems. The integrated audio drivers support ground referenced outputs, eliminating the need for large AC-coupling capacitors, reducing cost and saving board space. The AK4710 is housed in a space saving small 32-pin QFN package. For applications that use HD video filters and line drivers, AKM recommends the PCB compatible AK4711.

Key Features

Audio section

• THD+N: -92dB (@2Vrms)

• Dynamic Range: 96dB (@2Vrms, A-weighted)

• Full Differential or Single-ended input for Decoder DAC

• Stereo Output for TV SCART and CINCH (2Vrms)

• Selectable audio gain from -6 to 24dB

• Audio Output Muting

• Ground-Referenced Output Eliminates

DC-Blocking Capacitor and Mute Circuit

Video section

• Integrated LPF: –40dB@27MHz

• 6dB Gain for Outputs

• 5ch 75ohm driver

4ch for SCART: CVBS/Y, R/C, G, B

1ch for CINCH: CVBS

• Y/Pb/Pr Option (to 6MHz)

Low-power Standby

SCART pin#16(Fast Blanking), pin#8(Slow Blanking) Output Control

Power supply

• 3.3V±5% and 12V±5%

• Low Power Dissipation / Low Power Standby Mode


• 32pin QFN (0.4mm pitch)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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