Low Power 24-Bit 2ch ADC & 2ch DAC with Auto HPF, ALC/Eq and MIC/SPK/VIDEO-Amp

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The AK4958 is a 24-bit stereo CODEC with a microphone, speaker, video amplifiers and LDO. The input circuits include a microphone amplifier and the output circuits include a speaker amplifier. It is suitable for portable application with recording/playback function. A one channel composite In/Out video amplifier is also integrated. The AK4958 is available in a small 32-pin BGA (3.5mm x 3.5mm, 0.5mm pitch: AK4958EG) and a 25-pin CSP (2.2mm x 2.2mm, 0.4mm pitch: AK4958ECB) packages saving mounting area on the board.

Key Features

            1. Applications: DSCs, DVCs
            2. Recording Functions
                        • Analog Input
                                    Stereo Single-ended input
                        • Microphone Amplifier
                               (+30dB, +25dB, +21dB, +18dB, +15dB, +12dB, +6dB, 0dB)
                        • Digital ALC (Automatic Level Control)
                                    - Setting Range: +36dB ~ –52.5dB, 0.375dB Step & Mute
                                    - Motor Noise Reduction Circuit
                        • ADC Performance: S/(N+D): 83dB, DR, S/N: 88dB (MIC-Amp=+18dB)
                                                          S/(N+D): 85dB, DR, S/N: 96dB (MIC-Amp=0dB)
                        • Microphone Sensitivity Compensation (with Moving Average Data Output Circuit)
                        • Automatic Wind Noise Reduction Filter
                        • 5-Band Notch Filter
                                    Include Dynamic Gain Control
                        • Stereo Separation Emphasis Circuit
                        • Digital Microphone Interface
            3. Playback Functions
                        • Soft Mute
                        • Digital ALC (Automatic Level Control)
                                    - Setting Range: +36dB ~ –52.5dB, 0.375dB Step & Mute
                        • Digital Volume Control
                                    - +6dB ~ –89.5dB, 0.5dB Step & Mute)
                        • Stereo Separation Emphasis Circuit
                        • Stereo Line Output
                                    - Output Voltage: 1Vrms (AVDD= 3.3V)
                                    - S/(N+D): 85dB
                                    - S/N: 92dB
                        • Mono Mixing Output
                        • Mono Speaker-Amplifier
                                    - S/(N+D):
65dB@150mW, 60dB@250mW,
                                    - S/N: 90dB
                                    - BTL Output
                                    - Output Power:
400mW@8Ω (AVDD=3.3V)
                        • Analog Mixing: BEEP Input
                        • Bass Boost Circuit
                        • 3-band Dynamic Range Control Circuit
            4. Master Clock:
                        Reference Clock Input Frequency
                               (1) MCKI Reference PLL Mode
                                    Frequencies: 11.2896MHz, 12MHz, 13.5MHz, 24MHz, 27MHz (MCKI pin)
                               (2) BICK Reference PLL Mode
                                    Frequencies: 32fs or 64fs (BICK pin)
                               (3) External Clock Mode
                                    Frequencies: 256fs, 512fs or 1024fs (MCKI pin)
                        Output Master Clock Frequency: 64fs/128fs/256fs/512fs
            5. Sampling Frequencies
                        • MCKI Reference PLL Mode (MCKI pin):
                              8kHz, 11.025kHz, 12kHz, 16kHz, 22.05kHz, 24kHz, 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
                        • BICK Reference PLL Master Mode:
                              8kHz ~ 48kHz
                        • EXT Mode:
                              7.35kHz ~ 48kHz (256fs), 7.35kHz ~ 48kHz (512fs), 7.35kHz ~ 13kHz (1024fs)
            6. Master/Slave Mode
            7. μP I/F: 
                        • I2C Bus (Ver 1.0, 400kHz Fast-Mode)
            8. Master/Slave Mode
            9. Audio Interface Format: MSB First, 2’s complement
                        • ADC: 24bit MSB justified, 16/24bit I2S
                        • DAC: 24bit MSB justified, 16bit LSB justified, 24bit LSB justified, 24bit I2S
            10. Video Functions
                        • One Composite Signal Input
                        • Video Amplifier for Composite Signal Output
                              Gain: +12 / +16.5dB
                        • Low Pass Filter
            11. Ta = –30 ~ 85°C
            12. Power Supply:
                        • Analog Power Supply (AVDD): 2.8 ~ 3.6V
                        • Digital & Digital I/O Power Supply (DTVDD): 1.6 ~ 2.0V
            13. Package:
                        • 25pin CSP (2.2 x 2.2 mm, 0.4mm pitch)
            14. Evaluation Board: AKD4958ECB



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Block Diagram

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