102dB 96kHz 24-Bit Enhanced Dual Bit ADC

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The AK5357 is a stereo A/D Converter with wide sampling rate of 4kHz to 96kHz and is suitable for multimedia audio system. The AK5357 achieves high accuracy and low cost by using Enhanced dual bit Delta Sigma techniques. The AK5357 requires no external components because the analog inputs are single-ended. The audio interface has two formats (MSB justified, I2S) and can correspond to many systems like Karaoke, surround.

Key Features

• Stereo Delta Sigma ADC

• On-Chip Digital Anti-Alias Filtering

• Single-ended Input

• Digital HPF for DC-Offset cancel

• S/(N+D): 88dB@5V, 86dB@3V for 48kHz

• DR: 102dB@5V, 100dB@3V for 48kHz

• S/N: 102dB@5V, 100dB@3V for 48kHz• Sampling Rate Ranging from 4kHz to 96kHz

• Master Clock:

256fs/384fs/512fs/768fs (4kHz to 48kHz)

256fs/384fs (48kHz to 96kHz)

• Input level: TTL/CMOS selectable

• Master / Slave Mode

• Audio Interface: 24bit MSB justified / I2S selectable

• Power Supply: 2.7 to 5.5V

• Ta = -20 to 85°C (ET), -40 to 85°C (VT), -40 to 105°C (KT)

• Small 16pin TSSOP Package

• AK5381 Pin-compatible

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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