127dB 768kHz/32-bit 2ch Premium ADC

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Premium ADCs
VELVET SOUNDVERITA The AK5397EQ is a 32bit, 768kHz sampling 2ch A/D Converter for professional digital audio systems. The modulator in the AK5397EQ uses the advanced multi bit architecture. This architecture achieves the wide dynamic range and wide bandwidth, while keeping superior distortion characteristics. The AK5397 performs 127dB dynamic range, and the device is suitable for professional studio equipment such as digital mixer and digital VTR. The operating voltages support analog 5V and digital 3.3V, so it is easy to I/F with 3.3V logic IC.



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Key Features

● Advanced multi bit Architecture ADC
● Resolution: 32bit
● Sampling Rate: 8kHz ~ 768kHz
● Full Differential Inputs
● S/(N+D): 108dB
● DR, S/N: 127dB (Mono Mode: 130dB)
● Sharp Roll Off Digital Filter (GD=41.5/fs):

- Passband: 0 ~ 21.82kHz (@ fs=48kHz)
- Passband Ripple: +0.00010/-0.00015dB
- Stopband Attenuation: 100dB
● Short Delay Digital Filter (GD=12.5/fs):

- Passband: 0 ~ 22.22kHz (@ fs=48kHz)
- Passband Ripple: +0.055/-0.015dB
- Stopband Attenuation: 93dB
● Minimum Phase Digital Filter (GD=3.5/fs):

- Passband: 0 ~ 21.75kHz(@ fs=48kHz)
- Passband Ripple: +0.04/-0.02dB
- Stopband Attenuation: 93dB
● Master / Slave Mode
● Master Clock: 256fs/512fs (Normal Speed; 8kHz ~ 48kHz) 256fs (Double Speed; 48Hz ~ 96kHz)
128fs (Quad Speed; 96kHz ~ 192kHz)
64fs (Octal Speed; 192kHz ~ 384kHz)
32fs (Hex Speed; 384kHz ~ 768kHz)
● Audio Interface Format: 32bit MSB justified, I2S compatible or TDM
● Cascade TDM I/F: 8ch/48kHz, 4ch/96kHz, 4ch/192kHz
● Digital HPF for Offset Cancel
● Overflow Flag
● Power Supply: 4.75 ~ 5.25V(Analog), 3.0 ~ 3.6V(Digital)
● Power Dissipation: 430mW
● Operational Temperature: Ta = -10 ~ 70 °C
● Package: 44pin LQFP

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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