Differential Input Stereo 32-bit ADC with Excellent PSRR

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Advanced Audio Devices


The AK5522 is a 32-bit A/D converter supporting sampling frequencies from 8 kHz to 192 kHz, developed for line and microphone digital audio equipment. 108 dB of dynamic range and 98 dB S/(N +D) is achieved with low power consumption. There are four types of digital filters that can be selected according to the application.
The AK5522 has excellent power supply rejection ratio (PSRR), and high input common mode rejections (CMRR). Excellent performance can be achieved even with USB bus power or a DCDC converter outputs directly connected to the power supply. The AK5522 is ideal for a USB audio interface, wireless speakers, automotive audio equipment, etc. in severe power supply environments.
The AK5522 has a built-in voltage regulator output with high PSRR. It can be used for a DAC such as the AK4432 or AK4452, which makes it is possible to maximize DAC performance with poor quality power supplies. In addition, an internal low jitter PLL generates a master clock output for the DAC and other system components from LRCK or BICK. Thus, low EMI solutions can be achieved by the reduction of unnecessary high frequency master clock traces on the printed circuit board.

Key Features

・ Sampling Rate: 8kHz~192kHz

・ Input Method:Full Differential, Pseudo Differential, Single-Ended

・ S/(N+D): 98dB

・ DR, S/N: 108dB

・ PSRR: 80dB

・ CMRR: 80dB

・ Internal Filter: LPF(Four types)、Digital HPF

・ Short Group Delay: 4.4/fs (Short Delay Slow roll-off)

・ Output Format: MSB justified, I2S or TDM(Cascade connection is available)

・ Operation Mode: Master or Slave mode

・ Programmable Gain Amplifier: -3dB ~ +12dB/1dB(It is fixed on 0dB when Parallel Control Mode)

・ Internal PLL: Generate Master Clock from BICK or LRCK

・ MCLK Clock: Output Master Clock by PLL

・ Regulator for External DAC Power Supply: 3.3 V is generated from AVDD 5V

・ Power Supply: Analog 4.5~5.5 V or 3.0~3.6 V, Digital 3.0~3.6 V or 1.7~1.98 V

・ Control Mode

     - Parallel Control Mode (Set by pins)

     - Serial Control Mode (Set by I2C Bus)

・ Power Consumption: 76mW(`AVDD=5.0V, DVDD=3.3V, fs=48kHz)

・ Operation Temperature: -40~105℃

・ Package: 24-pin QFN 4mm×4mm, 0.5mm pitch

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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