2ch ADC with Mic-Amplifier

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The AK5720 is a low voltage 24-bit A/D converter for digital audio systems. The AK5720 includes an Input Gain Amplifier, making it suitable for microphone applications. The analog signal input of the AK5720 is single-ended, eliminating the need for external filters. The AK5720 is housed in a space-saving 16-pin TSSOP package.

Key Features

        · Applications: Car Audios

        · Resolution: 24bits

        · Recording Functions

                • Gain Amplifier (0dB / +15dB)

                • Digital HPF for DC-offset cancellation (fc=1.0Hz@fs=48kHz)

        · ADC Characteristics

                • Single-ended Input

                • Input Level: 1.8Vpp@VA=3.0V (= 0.6 × VA), 3.0Vpp@VA=5.0V (=0.6 × VA)

                • S/(N+D): 94dB

                • DR, S/N: 102dB

        · Master Clock: 256fs/384fs/512fs/768fs

        · Sampling Frequency: 8kHz ~ 96kHz

        · Audio Data Format: MSB First, 2’s compliment

                • 24-bit MSB justified, I2S and TDM

        · Power Supply

                • VA, VD: 2.7 ~ 5.5V (typ. 3V, 5V)

        · Power Supply Current: 6.1mA(VA-VD=5.0V,fs=48kHz)

        · Operating Temperature: Ta = -40 ~ 105°C

        · Package: 16-pin TSSOP

        · Evaluation Board: AKD5720

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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