4ch ADC with Mic Amplifier and PLL

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The AK5730 is a 4-channel ADC with SAR ADC for DC measurement. The ADC supports Line and Microphone inputs, making it ideal for microphone array applications. TDM audio format makes it easy to connect with DSP.

Key Features

      · Applications: Car Audios

      · Audio ADC

            - 4-Channel Audio ADC

            - Full-differential Input and Single-ended Input

            - Input Voltage:

                  Microphone: 1.65Vrms,

                  LINE and Phone: 3Vrms (with external resistors) programmable

                  Boost input: 11.7Vrms (with external resistors) programmable

            - ADC Performance:

                  S/(N+D): typ 92dB

                  DR, S/N: typ 100dB

            - Digital HPF for DC-offset cancellation: fc=1Hz with individual on/off

      · Sampling Rate: 8kHz ~ 48kHz

      · Master Clock: 256fs, 384fs, 512fs or Internal PLL

      · Master/Slave mode

      · Audio Interface Format: MSB First, 2’s complement

            - 24bit I2S

            - 24bit TDM interface up to 2 ICs cascade

      · SAR ADC

            - 1ch SAR ADC with 9:1 MUX

            - Reference Voltage: Ground

      · Channel Independent Microphone Diagnostics

            - open microphone

            - shorts to battery

            - shorts to ground

            - shorts across inputs

            - microphone bias over current

            - over temperature

      · Programmable Microphone Bias: 5V to 9V with 0.5V step

      · µP I/F: I2C Bus (Ver 1.0, 400kHz Mode) or SPI

      · Power Supply: VDD = 3.0 to 3.6V

      · Operating Temperature : Ta = -40 to 105°C

      · Package: 48pin LQFP

      · Evaluation Board: AKD5730

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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