6ch ADC with Mic Amplifier and Low latency

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Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), has developed a 6ch A/D converter, (ADC), the AK5736 for microphones in Active Noise Cancellation, (ANC*), systems implemented in car audio. The AK5736 features the low latency of 4.3[1/fs] required for high speed processing with built-in capability to supply microphone power internally. The AK5736 also has a diagnostic function to monitor microphone connection. (*Active Noise Cancellation)
As a new feature, the AK5736 has an analog gain circuit setting to set a high gain level thus keeping high S/N.
This product is an upgrade of the AK5730, a 4ch ADC for microphones, released in 2014.

● Signal Processing with Low Latency

● Microphone Power Supply Output (External power supply for microphones is not necessary)

This product can supply a maximum of 15mA per channel per microphone. External microphone power supplies are unnecessary.

● Microphone Connection Monitoring

The AK5736 integrates, “Diagnostic function”, monitoring for microphone or harness connections. In response to customer requests for amplifier units and head units, high accuracy diagnostic mode detecting with 12-bit accuracy has been newly added in addition to the simple diagnostic mode monitoring with 100mV accuracy.

● Applications

Active Noise Cancellation systems, Microphone modules Automotive amplifier units, Automotive head units, car audio

Key Features

Product NameAK4497EQAK5736VN
6ch A/D Converter
4ch A/D Converter
ADCChannel6ch 4ch

Input Voltage2Vrms 1.65Vrms

DR 100dB(typ) 100dB(typ)

THD+N -92dB(typ) -92dB(typ)

CMRR 85dB(typ) 85dB(typ)

PSRR 80dB(typ) 50dB(typ)
Analog Amplifier 0, +6~+20dB+9dB
MIC biasNoise-100dBV-100dBV

Current15mA(/ch) 10mA(/ch)
Diagnostics Accuracy 100mV Step / 12bits100mV Step
Digital Filter Group Deley4.3[1/fs]16.4[1/fs]
TDM format8ch/16ch8ch
MIC bias GeneratorCharge Pump / BatteryCharge Pump
Operation Temperature-40~+105℃-40~+105℃
Package48-pins QFN48-pins LQFP

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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