High Speed 12bit Rotary Angle Sensor

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The AK7405 is an automotive qualified 12bits angle sensor which detects the angular position of a magnetic field parallel to the IC surface with high speed tracking (≤20,000rpm). The contactless angle sensor can be made by the simple construction containing small magnet and this sensor.

Key Features

■ Monolithic integrated 360 degrees angle sensor IC containing hall element.

■ Easy to make a contactless rotation sensor with diametrically magnetized mono-pole magnet.

■ Interfaces:SPI(Absolute Angle)、ABZ phase output(1024ppr Incremental interface)

■ 12bit angle resolution

■ Less than ±1.00deg angle accuracy at 25℃

■ Maximum tracking rate:333rps(20,000rpm)

■ Over voltage protection

■ Reverse connect protection

■ Various abnormal detection(memory data check, abnormal magnetic flux density range、and so on)

■ Setting function like zero point, rotation direction, ABZ resolution/hysteresis etc. via serial interface.

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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