Low Power DSP with 3 Serial Audio I/F

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The AK7719 is a highly integrated digital signal processor (DSP) with four digital interface ports. AKM’s DSP core is optimized for both narrowband and wideband voice processing, as well as full bandwidth digital audio processing. An integrated clock generator for the DSP master clock eliminates the need for external clocks. The RAM-based DSP can be programmed for user requirements. The AK7719 is housed in a 25-pin CSP package. It is a very low power device, suitable for mobile applications.

Key Features

□ Embedded DSP

- Flexible programming with built-in program and data memories

- Hardware accelerator

- Word length: 24-bits (Data RAM 24-bit floating point)

- Multiplier 20 x 20 → 40-bits (double precision available)

- Divider 20 / 20 → 20-bits

- ALU: 44-bit arithmetic operation (with 4-bit overflow margin)

24-bit floating point arithmetic and logic operation

- Program RAM: 4096w x 36-bits

- Coefficient RAM: 2048w x 20-bits

- Data RAM: 2048w x 24-bits (24-bit floating point)

- Offset Register: 32w x 15-bits

- Delay RAM: 16384w x 24-bits(24-bit floating point)

- 5625 steps at 16kHz sampling rate, 1875 steps at 48kHz sampling rate

- Internal clock generator

□ Audio Interface Format

- 24-bit Left justified, I2S,

- 16/24bit linear, 8-bit A-law, 8-bit µ-law PCM

- Sampling rate 8kHz to 48kHz

- Up/Down Sampling rate converter for Port#2 (8kHz → 16kHz)

□ μC I/F: I2C-Compatible, SPI

□ Operational, Sleep, Power down

□ Power Supply

VDD (DSP Core): 1.2V ±0.1V

TVDD (PCM I/F): 1.6V to 3.6V

□ Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to 85°C

□ Package: 25-Pin WL-CSP (2.62mm x2.93mm, 0.5mm pitch)

□ Power Consumption: 7.4mA (8.9mW) typ. (Narrowband Handset mode operation)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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