Audio/HF DSP with 2-Channel SRC

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The AK7736A is a highly integrated audio digital signal processor with integrated 2ch SRC. It includes internal memories for digital audio processing, that allows surround effect process, time alignment and parametric equalizing. More over, the AK7736A can process both data and filter coefficients as floating point data so that high accuracy IIR/FIR filter performance can be achieved easily. The AK7736A can operate a hands-free software by AKM as well as sound processing, by programs downloaded via the microprocessor interface.

Key Features

□ DSP Block

- Word length: 24-bit

- Machine Cycle: 8.1 ns (2560step/fs; fs = 48kHz)

- Step fs=48kHz: Maximum 2560 step

fs=8kHz: Maximum 15360step

fs=16kHz: Maximum 7680step

- Multiplication: 20 x 24 → 44-bit (Double precision arithmetic available)

- Divider 20 / 20 → 20-bit (floating point normalization function)

- ALU: 48-bit arithmetic and logic operation (overflow margin 4-bit)

- Shift: Multiple DBUS ±15bit Shift with indirect shifting function

- Program RAM (PRAM): 6144word x 36-bit

- Coefficient RAM (CRAM): 4096word x 24-bit

- Data RAM (DRAM): 4096 x 24-bit (Variable Bank Size)

- Offset Register (OFREG): 32word x 15-bit

- Delay RAM (DLRAM): 16384kword x 24-bit

- Register: 48-bit × 4 (ACC) [ALU]

24-bit × 12 (TMP) [DBUS connection]

24-bit × 6 level stack (PTMP) [DBUS connection]

□ Stereo 24-bit SRC

-SRC: FSI=8kHz to 96kHz / FSO=8kHz to 96kHz (FSO/FSI = 0.167 to 6.0)

□ Mono 24-bit Simple SRC

-FSCONV: FSI=44.1kHz to 48kHz / FSO=8kHz to 16kHz

□ Digital Interface Input/Output

- 8ch Serial Data Inputs

- 8ch Serial Data Outputs

- Sampling Frequency: 8 to 96kHZ

□ Microcontroller Interface: SPI, I2CBUS (400kHz Fast-Mode)


□ Power Supply:

-VDD 3.0 to 3.6V typ 3.3V (Internal Regulator)

-TVDD 1.7 to 3.6V (1-8pin)

□ Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C

□ Package: 48pin LQFP

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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