Audio DSP with Stereo CODEC + MIC/HP-AMP

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The AK7754 is a highly integrated audio digital signal processor (DSP) with two Audio I/F’s, Microphone and Headphone Amplifier. The audio DSP has 1536step/fs (at 48KHz sampling) parallel processing power, and AKM’s original Hands-free technology provides high performance noise and echo cancelling. The 96k-bit delay memory allows surround processing, acoustic effect and parametric equalizers. As the AK7754 is a RAM based DSP, it is programmable for user requirements. The internal SRC has various sampling rate converting modes, corresponds many sampling rates without changing the DSP operating sampling frequency. The AK7754 is available in a space saving small 48pin QFN package.

Key Features

□ DSP Block

- Word length: 24bit (Coefficient RAM & Data RAM: F24 floating point)

- Processing Speed: 13.6 ns (1536step/fs fs=48kHz; 9216step/fs fs=8kHz)

- Multiplication: 20 x 16 → 36-bit Double precision arithmetic available

- Divider 20 / 20 → 20bit

- ALU: 40bit arithmetic operation (overflow margin 4bit) 24bit floating point arithmetic and logic operation

- Program RAM: 2048 x 36bit

- Coefficient RAM: 2048 x 16bit (F24 floating point)

- Data RAM: 512 x 24-bit (F24 floating point)

- Offset Register: 32 x 12bit

- Delay RAM1: 3072 x 24bit

- Delay RAM2: 2048 x 12bit

- Sampling rate: fs= 8.0k to 48kHz

- Master/Slave Operation

- Master Clock: 1536fs

(generated from 32fs, 48fs, 64fs, 128fs, 256fs, 384fs by internal PLL)

□ Two Digital Interfaces (I/F 1, I/F 2)

- Digital Signal Input Port (4ch) MSB justified 24bit/LSB justified 24/20/16bit and I2S

- Digital Signal Input Port (6ch) MSB justified 24bit/ LSB justified 20/16bit and I2S

- Short / Long Frame

-24 bit linear, 8 bit A-law, 8 bit µ-law

□ Stereo 24bit ADC Block

- Sampling rate: 8 to 48kHz

- ADC Characteristics S/(N+D): 82dB ,DR, S/N: 89dB

- Three Analog Input Selectors (Differential, Single-ended Inputs)

- Channel Independent MIC, Analog Line Gain Amp (0dB, 9dB to 27dB, 3dBstep)

- Channel Independent Digital Volume (24dB to -103dB, 0.5dB Step, Mute)

- Integrated DC offset canceling High Pass Filter

□ Digital Microphone I/F

□ Stereo 24bit DAC

- Sampling rate: 8 to 48kHz

- Digital Volume (12dB to -115dB, 0.5dB Step, Mute)

- Digital De-emphasis Filter (tc=50/15µs, fs=32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz)

□ Line Outputs

- Single-ended or Differential Outputs

- S/(N+D): 91dB, DR, S/N: 96dB

- Stereo Analog Volume (+0 to -28dB, 2.0dB Step, Mute)

□ Stereo Headphone Amplifier with a Volume Control

- Rated Output Power: 27mW/ch @16Ω

- S/(N+D): 70dB , S/N: 89dB

- Stereo Analog Volume (+0 to -50dB, 1.0/2.0/4.0dB Step, Mute)

- Click Noise Free at Power ON/OFF

□ SRC Block

- 2ch x 1 system

- Input Sampling Frequency: 8kHz to 96kHz

- Output Sampling Frequency: 8kHz to 48kHz

□ Analog Bypass Mode

- Bypass Amplifier (0dB to -21dB, 3dB step)

□ Output Mixer

□ μP Interface: I2C Bus (400KHz Fast-Mode)

□ Power Supply

Analog AVDD: 3.0V to 3.6V (typ.3.3V)

Digital1 DVDD: 3.0V to 3.6V (typ.3.3V)

Digital2 DVDD18: 1.7V to 1.9V (typ.1.8V)

HP-Amp HVDD: 3.0V to 3.6V (typ.3.3V)

□ Operating temperature range: -20°C to 85°C

□ Package: 48pin QFN (0.5mm pitch)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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