Audio DSP with 24bit 3ch ADC + 4ch DAC + MIC Amp

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The AK7757 is a digital signal processor with an integrated 4ch DAC, a stereo ADC with input selector, a mono ADC and an integrated digital audio interface. The audio DSP has 1536 step/fs (at 48kHz sampling) parallel arithmetic operation performance. As the AK7757 is a RAM based DSP, it is programmable for user requirements to realize the audio effects process or the proprietary high-performance HF. It is housed in a 48pin LQFP which is a small package to save the PCB space.

Key Features


- Word length: 24bit (Coefficient RAM & Data RAM: F24 floating point)

- Processing Speed: 13.6 ns (9216step/fs; fs = 8kHz)

- Multiplication: 20 x 20 → 36-bit Double precision arithmetic available

- Divider 20 / 20 → 20bit

- ALU: 44bit arithmetic operation (overflow margin 4bit) 24bit floating point arithmetic and logic operation

- Program RAM: 4096 x 36bit

- Coefficient RAM: 4096 x 20bit

- Data RAM: 2048 x 24-bit (F24 floating point)

- Delay RAM: 4096 x 20-bit, 4096 x 20-bit

- Master Clock: 4.6MHz to 73.7MHz

- JX pins (interrupt)

• 2ch ADC1

- Sampling Frequency: 8KHz to 48KHz

- 3in / 1out Input Selector (Diffrentialx1 single endx1 single end with MicAmpx1)

- ADC S/N: 96dBA, S/ (N+D): 84dB

• 1ch ADC2

- Sampling Frequency: 8KHz to 48KHz

- ADC S/N: 89dBA

• 4ch DAC

- Sampling Frequency: 8KHz to 48KHz

- DAC S/N: 105dBA, S/ (N+D): 85dB

• Microphone Interface

- Differential or single-end input

- Programmable Gain (+33dB to +15dB and 0dB, 3dB step)

- Low Noise Microphone Bias

• Automatic Power Down (CODEC, DSP)

• μP I/F: SPI, I2C

• Power supply

Analog (AVDD): 3.0V to 3.6V (typ.3.3V)

Digital1 (DVDD): 3.0V to 3.6V (typ.3.3V)

Digital2 (DVDD18): 1.7V to 1.9V (typ.1.8V)

• Operating temperature range: -40°C to 85°C

• Package: 48pin LQFP

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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