Single Clock Generator

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The AK8128A is a single clock generator IC with an integrated PLL. It can generate a clock for High-Definition display from a 27MHz master clock input frequency. A high performance PLL locks to the master clock input, generating a low jitter, highly accurate clock output without an external crystal.

Key Features

Output Frequency Range:

72.25MHz, (74.25/1.001)MHz

148.5MHz, (148.5/1.001)MHz

Input Frequency:


Low Jitter Performance:

20 ps (Typ.) Period, 1σ

220ps(Typ.) 1000cycle long term, p-p

Low Current Consumption:

8mA (Typ.)

Output Load:

15pF (max.) for 74.25MHz

10pF (max.) for 148.5MHz

Supply Voltage:

3.0 – 3.6V

Operating Temperature Range:

-20 to +85℃


10-pin TMSOP (lead-free)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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