Multi Clock Generator with VCFS

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AK8135F is a member of AKM’s low power multi clock generator family designed for Recorders, DTVs or STBs, requiring a range of system clocks with high performance. AK8135F generates different frequency clocks from a 24.576MHz crystal oscillator and provides them to seven outputs. The on-chip VCFS (Voltage Controlled Frequency Synthesizer) accepts a voltage control input to allow the output clocks to vary by ±85 ppm for synchronizing to the external clock system. Both circuitries of VCFS and PLL in AK8135F are derived from AKM’s long-term-experienced clock device technology, and enable clock output to perform low jitter and to operate with very low current consumption. AK8135F is available in a 30-pin VSOP package.

Key Features

24.576MHz Crystal Input

One 24.576MHz-Reference Output

Selectable Clock out Frequencies:

- 24.576 MHz at CLK1

- 24.99972 MHz at CLK2

- 33.332965 MHz at CLK3

- 27.000 MHz at REF1-4

Built-in two VCFS

- Pull Range: ±85ppm (typ.)

Low Jitter Performance

- Period Jitter:

150 psec (Typ.) at CLK1-3, REF1-4

- Long term jitter:

400 psec (Typ.) at CLK1-3, REF1-4

Low Current Consumption:

24 mA (Typ.) at 3.3V

Low C/N output:

72 dB (Typ.) at REF1-4

Supply Voltage:

3.0 – 3.6V

Operating Temperature Range:

-20 to +85℃


30-pin VSOP (Lead free)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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