Programmable Multi Clock Generator

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AK8140A is AKM’s High-performance programmable clock generator. AK8140A generates up to four output clocks from a single input frequency with two fractional-N PLLs. Each output can be programmed for any frequency up to 230MHz. AK8140A is available in a 24-pin ETSSOP package.

Key Features

In-system programmability

serial programmable Register via I2C interface

High accuracy Clock Generator

Flexible Input Clock Source

- Crystal Unit: 16M-60MHz

- External Clock: 4M-100MHz

Free Programmable Clock Frequencies

- LVCMOS: up to 160MHz (CLK1-3)

- LVDS: up to 230MHz (CLK4)

Low Jitter Performance

- Period Jitter (1): 8.3 ps(max.)

- Cycle to Cycle jitter (1): 12.8 ps(max.)

- Long Term Jitter (1000cycle, 1): 41.7 ps(max.)

Supply Voltage:

- Device power supply

VDD1-4: 3.0 - 3.6V

- Output buffer supply

VDDO1, 2:1.7 - 3.6V

Operating Temperature Range:

-40 to +85℃


24-pin ETSSOP (Lead free)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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