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AK8157A The AK8157A is a member of AKM’s low power multi clock generator family designed for a high quality premium audio clock with high performance C/N.  For example, The AK8157A is recommended to use with a premium DAC, the AK4490. The PLL circuits of the AK8157A are developed by AKM’s long-term-experienced clock device technology, enabling low jitter clock outputs while achieving very low current consumption. The AK8157A generates different frequency clocks (Master Clock, Bit Clock, L/R Clock) from external clock input, providing up to three outputs configured by register-setting.  The AK8157A is available in a 16-pin WLCSP package.

Application: Smart Cellular Phones, USB DACs, USB Headphones, Bluetooth Headphones
Premium DACs AK4490EN+AK8157A

Key Features

• External Clock Input Frequency: 9.6MHz
• Three Frequency Selectable Clock Outputs
• Selectable Clock Output Frequencies:
- MCLK: 16.384, 22.5792, 24.576MHz
- BCLK:  2.048MHz - 24.576MHz
- LRCK: 32kHz - 384kHz
• Selectable Clock Output Enable / Disable Control
• Low Jitter Performance
- RMS Jitter: 45ps (10Hz - 5MHz)
• Low Current Consumption: 8mA (VDD1-4 = 1.8V)
• Output Load: 80pF
• Power Supply: VDD1-4 = 1.7 - 2.0V
• Digital Input Level: CMOS
• Package: 16-pin WLCSP

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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