Multi Clock Generator for PCI-Express

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The AK8160B2 is a member of AKM’s low power and low jitter clock generator family designed for PCI Express generation 2.0. This device has one PLL with spread spectrum (SS) function and is enable to output high quality differential 100MHz as PCI Express clock and 25MHz as reference simultaneously.

Key Features

□ Low Current Consumption : 31mA Typ. (Full function, 25MHz output and 100MHz output)
□ 25MHz Crystal Input
□ One single-end 25MHz-Reference Output without Spread Spectrum
□ Two differential 100MHz Clock Outputs with Spread Spectrum
     Selectable Spread Spectrum ON / OFF
□ Spread Spectrum Modulation ratio : 0% (Off), -0.5%
□ Spread Spectrum Modulation frequency : 30kHz to 33kHz
□ Low Jitter Performance of 100MHz Output Clock
     RMS Jitter : 2.6ps Max. (PCIE0p-1p/0n-1n pin, BW=10kHz – 1.5MHz)
                           2.6ps Max. (PCIE0p-1p/0n-1n pin, BW=1.5MHz – 50MHz)
     Cycle to Cycle Jitter : 125ps Max. (PCIE0p-1p/0n-1n pin)
                                             23ps Typ. (1σ), (REFOUT pin)
□ Supply Voltage : 3.0V – 3.6V
□ Operating Temperature Range : -40℃ to +85℃
□ Package : 0.4mm pitch 3mm x 3mm 20-pin QFN (Lead free)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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