6-Channel Linear Sensor compatible 10 Bit 40 MSPS x 3 Analog Pre-Processor

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The AK8448 is a +3.3 V CMOS, Two Channel input 10 Bit 40MSPS ADC which integrates on-chip Offset Adjust DAC, Gain Adjust PGA and CDS circuit.

Key Features

• Maximum Processing Speed

In CDS mode and Clamp mode

1ch, 2ch and 3ch mode: 40M samples/sec per channel

4ch and 6ch mode: 20M sample/sec per channel

In DC Direct-coupled mode

1ch, 2ch and 3ch mode: 15M sample/sec per channel

4ch and 6ch mode: 15M sample/sec per channel

• Maximum Input Level: 1.35Vpp (typ.)@CDS mode and DC connection mode

1.19Vpp (typ.)@Clamp mode

• Compatible with both CCD and CIS Signal Polarities

• Simultaneously Sampling 6-Channel CDS circuits ( Correlated Double Sampling )

• Offset DACs: Adjustable Range : 298.7 mV (typ.), Independent 6-channel 8 Bit DACs

• PGA: Adjustable Gain Range : 0 dB ~ 18.75 dB (typ.)

Independently adjustable 6-channel 8 Bit PGAs.

• Linearity: DNL = -1LSB (min.), +1LSB (max.) with guaranteed no missing code.

• 5 bit Output Bus: Enables to output 10 Bit Data in 5 Bit x 2 cycles

• 4-Wire Serial Interface

• Supply: 3.3V0.3V

• Power Dissipation: T.B.D(typ.)@6ch mode, at 20M samples/sec per channel

• Package: 64 Pin LQFP, Pin pitch 0.5 mm, Mold size 10 mm x 10 mm

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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