3 channel AFE with 16bit 10MSPS/ch ADC and LED driver for Linear CMOS sensor

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The AK8456 is 10MSPS/ch analogue front end IC for Linear CMOS sensor, which integrates three channels of 16-bit A/D converter, on-chip Offset Adjust DAC, Digital PGA and LED driver.

Key Features

・Maximum conversion rate : 10MSPS / ch.

・Input range : 1.3Vpp (min.)

・Input polarity : Positive polarity (DC direct connection)

・3ch. simultaneous sampling

・Offset DAC : Sensor offset compensation range = ±250mV (min.)

・PGA gain: Analog, 0/6dB   Digital, 0~18dB, 0.07dB step

・Linearity : DNL = −1LSB(min.), +1LSB(max.) Monotone guarantee(12bit accuracy)

・CMOS data output : Data 8bit x 2

・3-wire serial interface

・Power supplies : 3.0~3.6V for AFE,   4.5~5.7V for LEDD

・Operation Temperature: 0°C~70°C

・Power consumption : 190mW (typ.)@3ch.mode, 10MSPS / channel

・Package: 36 pin QFN with exposed thermal pad, pin pitch 0.4mm

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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