4ch input 16bit 16MSPS/ch AFE for CIS scanner with LED driver

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The AK8473 is an AFE for 4-channel contact image sensor (CIS). It has offset and gain adjusting functions, timing generator for CIS, LVDS
interface and LED drivers. The AK8473 is suitable for CIS base multi-function printers and image scanners.

Key Features

- Input Block: 4-channel

- Sensor Type: CMOS-CIS (Positive Polarity)

- Input Range: 1.0Vpp (min.)

- Gain Range: Analog: 0dB/6dB,  Digital: 0-7.97V/V@8bit

- ADC Maximum Conversion Ratio: 16MSPS/ch

- ADC Resolution: 16-bit (Straight binary code)

- ADC Linearity: No missing code and DNL:±1LSB@12bit accuracy

- Pixel Clock Range: 4M ~ 16MHz  @LVDS level(MCKP/N) and CMOS level(MCKP)

- Spread Spectrum Clock Input: Modulation Depth: ±4% max. Modulation Frequency: 50kHz max.

- MCKP/N: Differential or Single clock Input

- TG PLL Phase: 56 phase (2/4-channel mode)
                            42 phase (3-channel mode)

- Offset DAC Range: 404mV typ. (Equivalent input voltage)

- Offset DAC Resolution: 6-bit

- Digital Offset Adjustment: ±2047 LSB

- LVDS Output Format: 3 data pair + 1 clock pair channel-link format

- LED Driver Current: 67.2mA/ch (typ.) @ Maximum setting Adjustable by 2.1mA resolution channel independently (5bit)

- CPU I/F: 3-wire SPI

- Supply Voltage: AFE: 3V~3.6V, LED driver: 3V~5.7V

- Power Consumption: 365 mW (typ.) **Except LED drive current.

- Operating Temperature: 0~70°C

- Package: 36-pin QFN (Exposed Die Pad) 5mm x 5mm 0.4mm Pitch

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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