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Onechip Encoders
AK8779A/B The AK8779A is a Hall effect latch which detects both vertical magnetic field and horizontal magnetic field (perpendicular and parallel to the marking side of the package) at the same time. The pulse output F and direction output D are switched according to the vertical and horizontal magnetic fields applied to the device. The direction is calculated internally and output D is switched at a rising or falling edge of output F. The AK8779A is for use in the incremental pulse encoders or rotational detection systems.

Key Features

Operation Temperature: -40 to +150ºC

Output Refresh Period: 8.3μs

3.8 to 24V supply voltage operation

Sensitivity(Vertical,Horizontal): ±2.0mT(typ)

Two outputs: F(Pulse), D(Direction)

Small package: SOP-6pin

Halogen free

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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