Dual 14-Bit 1.1MSPS ZDS A/D Converter

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ZDS A/D converter AK9234NK integrates 2-channel circuits in a small 4mm x 4mm package enabling simultaneous sampling and saving board space.
The AK9234NK realizes 14-bit resolution while supporting the sampling rate up to 1.1MHz. In addition, it has polar coordinates output function (angle calculation algorithm); a small high accuracy encoder can easily be designed.

(*) ZDS: Zero Latency Delta Sigma

A ZDS A/D converter realizes ultrafast response of SAR while maintaining high accuracy conversion like a delta-sigma converter, based on AKM’s accumulated experience and know-how in analog-digital LSI technology. It contributes to improving the speed and the accuracy of negative feedback circuits. It has long acquisition time comparing with an SAR A/D converter, reducing input buffer load of the IC. Small and high accurate motor systems can be designed with a ZDS A/D converter.

Key Features

● AK9234NK |  2ch 14 bit 1.1MHz ZDS A/D Converter
 Product Name
 ZDS A/D Converter
 ZDS A/D Converter
 ZDS A/D Converter
 ● Resolution
 18-bit  16-bit  14-bit
 ● S/N  88dB (Typ.) at 20kHz Input  87dB (Typ.) at 20kHz Input  84dB (Typ.) at 20kHz Input
 ● Integral Nonlinearity (INL)  ±2 LSB (Typ.) @ Vin=-6dBFS  ±1 LSB (Typ.) @ Vin=-6dBFS  ±0.5 LSB (Typ.) @ Vin=-6dBFS
 ● Differential Nonlinearity (DNL)  No Missing Code
 ● Samling Rate  1.1MSPS
 ● Number of Channel  2ch (Simultaneous Sampling)
 ● Input Format
 Differential Input
 ● Function
 Polar Coordinates Output Function (angle calculation algorithm)    Offset/Gain Adjustment Function
 ● Power Consumption
 200mW (fs=1.1MSPS, VDD=1.8V, HVDD= 5V,DRVDD=3V)
 ● Power Supply
 VDD: 1.7 to 2.0V  HVDD: 4.75 to 5.25V  DRVDD: 2.7 to 5.25V
 ● Operational Temperature Range
 ● Package
 Ultra Small Package 24-pin QFN (4mm x 4mm)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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