LED Element Developed for Light Source of NDIR CO2 Sensor

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The AK9700AE is an infrared light emitting element (IR-LED) with a peak emission wavelength in the infrared absorption band of CO2. Compared with the W filament bulb used in the conventional NDIR type CO2 sensor, it can control the light emission at high speed and can also reduce the current consumption of the CO2 sensor dramatically by combining with an AKM infrared light receiving element, the AK9710AE, which has quick response performance.In addition, it has a built-in light-receiving element for temperature correction, and high-precision sensing can be realized by monitoring the luminescence amount.Since the AK9700AE adopts a small surface mount type, it is effective for miniaturizing the sensor. Since LEDs has a much longer life than the bulbs, a highly reliable sensor can be accomplished. Moreover, an automotive version of the AK9700 is planned.

Key Features

● High power infrared LED: Compound semiconductor of AlInSb

● Built-in output monitor Photodiode: Monitor infrared output

● High-speed driving: High speed drive possible at 100 kHz or more

● High reliability: High vibration resistance with plastic molded package

● Small plastic package: SMD (2.6mm x 1.9mm x 0.4mm)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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