LED Driver with Built-in AFE IC Optimized for NDIR Type Gas Sensor

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The AK9721AE provides a signal processing solution for NDIR type gas sensor applications by combining AKM's infrared light emitting/receiving element and an external MCU.
The light emitting element (IR - LED) driver is a programmable constant current circuit, and it is controlled optimally according to the optical path length of the gas sensor. The signal of the light receiving element (IR sensor) is amplified by a programmable gain amplifier and then AD converted in 24-bit resolution. Settings of each block are done by the external MCU via the I2C bus.An NDIR type CO2 sensor can be easily composed by using the AK9710AE and the AK9721AE released this time in addition to the AK9710AE that is already in the market.
An automotive version of the AK9721 is also planned.

Key Features

● LED Driver: Programmable control of constant current driving condition of light-emitting diode

● AFE Gain: Programmable control of AFE gain

● Low current consumption: Typ. 8.1μA (Integration time:100μs, Measurement time: 149ms)

● Small plastic package: 16-pin QFN (3.0mm x 3.0mm x 0.7mm)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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