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AK9753AE is a sensor IC which integrates 4ch infrared sensors, a signal processing IC, a field of view limiter for determining detection area, and an optical filter.
The four infrared sensor outputs are digitally output with 16 bit resolution. The offset and sensitivity variation of each sensor is corrected at the time of shipment by the characteristic correction IC, and adjustment in the system is unnecessary.
By attaching an external lens that collects infrared rays, it is possible to detect human in the range of 2 to 3 m.
Built-in a field of view limiter and an optical filter hence makes it ideal for human sensing.
Since AK9753AE is pin compatible and function compatible with AK9750, it is possible to realize a system that covers near distance to long distance use on the same board.
The AK9753AE is best suited for security and energy saving applications in the office or at home as a long distance human detection sensor.


Key Features

● Quantum-type IR Sensor with Four IR Elements

● 16-bits Digital Outputs to I2C bus

● Interrupt Function: INT pin can be used as a read-trigger or an interrupt request of signal level monitoring.

● Built in Switch Mode: By writing the threshold into the internal EEPROM at the customer’s production testing, the presence detection state will be output to the INT pin. In this mode, neither the control by I2C bus nor Host MCU is necessary.

● Integrated temperature sensor: -10 ~ 60ºC output on I2C bus

● Low Voltage Operation: VDD: 1.71 ~ 3.63V
DVDD: 1.65V ~ VDD

● Low Current Consumption: Max.100 µA (@Continuous Mode)
Max. 1µA (@ Power down Mode)

● Small and Thin Package: 10-pin SON
Built in a field of view limiter and an optical filter

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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