EEPROM with 2-channel 10bit D/A Converter

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The AK9820C is comprised of an EEPROM and two 10-bit D/A converters each with an output buffer amplifier.

The AK9820C can connect to the serial communication port of typical microcontrollers directly (3 line negative clock

synchronous interface).

The AK9820C takes the data of the DI pin by the rising edge of the SK pin and outputs the data from the DO pin

by the falling edge of the SK pin.

The AK9820C has 5 instructions: READ, WRITE, WREN, WRDS and CALL. The AK9820C is controlled with

these instructions from a serial interface. Each instruction is organized by op­code block (8-bits), address block (8-bits)

and data (16-bits).

The DO pin is "Hi­-Z" state except when it outputs the data of the internal register and the status of Ready/BusyB.

Key Features

□ EEPROM Section

        ・Two 10-bit registers for DAC data

        ・224bit organization for General Purpose

□ DAC Section


        ・10bit Resolution

        ・On-Chip Output Buffer

        ・Differential Non-Linearity Error:±1.0LSB

        ・Non-Linearity Error:±1.5LSB

        ・Analog Output Voltage Range:GND-VCC

□ Auto Read Function

□ Operating Voltage Range:+2.7 to 5.5V

□ 8pin TMSOP

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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