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Motor Drivers
The AP1010 is a 2ch H-Bridge motor driver compatible with motor operating voltage 18V and can drive two DC motors or one stepping motor. The protection circuit has under voltage lockout circuit, thermal shutdown circuit, and overcurrent protection circuit, and overcurrent protection circuit can be disabled with the DIS OCP terminal. The package adopts a small 16-pin QFN package and contributes to downsize Printed Circuit Board.

Key Features

Motor Operating Voltage 6 ~ 18V
Maximum Output Current 0.7A @ Ta=25°C
On Resistance (High+Low Side) 1.1Ω @ Ta=25°C
Charge Pump Circuit Built-in
Parallel Connection Available Available
Undervoltage Detection Circuit (UVLO) 4.3V (Typ.)
Thermal Shutdown Circuit (TSD) 155°C (Typ.)
Overcurrent Protection Circuit (OCP) 1.3A (Min.)  Overcurrent protection is disabled by setting the DIS OCP pin to "H".
Operating Temperature Range -30 ~ 85°C
Package 16-pin QFN
Size (D/W/H) [mm] 3.0 x 3.0 x 0.7mm

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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