2.2V-10.5V, 2A, 1ch H-Bridge Low Noise, Small Package Motor Driver

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Motor Drivers

The AP1015BEN is a 1ch H-Bride Motor Driver characterized by a small package, low noise and corresponding to a wide motor operating voltage and a high current. The H-bridge of the AP1015BEN employs the P-N construction that eliminates the need for charge pump reducing the external parts, and its low on-resistance realizes high efficiency while keeping low consumption.
The AP1015BEN is a product of the general-purpose H-bridge motor driver AP101x series.



□High-Speed Driving
The AP1015BEN corresponds to a wide motor operating voltage range from 2.2V to 10.5V and 2A output peak current. Therefore, it is capable of handling a large current that is generated at the start of high speed motor driving.


□Low Noise Switching
The AP1015BEN realizes reducing ripple noise and ringing noise by adopting a unique switching technology. Therefore the AP1015BEN is ideal for noise sensitive systems.


The AP1015BEN is housed in an ultra-small 8-pin SON package (2mm×2mm).

Key Features

● Operating Temperature


● Control Supply


● Motor Operating


● Maximum Output Current (DC)

1.1A @Ta=25°C

● Maximum Output Current (PEAK)

2.0A @Ta=25°C (within 5ms per 100ms or within 10ms per 200ms)

● H-Bridge On-Resistance (TOP+BOT)&

0.5Ω @Ta=25°C

● Drive Modes (2 inputs、PWM control also available)

forward, reverse, brake, standby

● Under Voltage Detection Circuit (UVLO)

● Thermal Shut Down Circuit (TSD)

● Package

8-pin SON (2mm×2mm)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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