12V 1ch H-Bridge Motor driver

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Motor Drivers
The AP1017AEN is a 1 channel H-bridge Motor Driver corresponding to an operating voltage of 12V. It has a N-channel LDMOS FET for both high and low sides of output circuit, it is available in a small package. Additionally, the AP1017 has under voltage lock out and thermal shutdown circuits. It is suitable for driving various small motors.

Key Features

・ Control Supply Voltage  2.7V to 3.6V
・ Available for the input level of 1.8V
・ Wide Motor Driver Operating Voltage  1.8V to 12V
・ Maximum Output Current (DC)  1.56A@ Ta=25°C
・ Maximum Output Current (Peak)   3.3A(Ta=25°C, within 5ms in each 200ms)
・ H-Bridge On Resistance  RON(TOP+BOT)=0.47Ω
・ Built-in Under Voltage Lock Out circuit  (UVLO)
・ Built-in Thermal Shut Down circuit (TSD)
・ Small Package   8-pin SON

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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