18V Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver IC

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Motor Drivers
The AP1018AEN is the dual H-bridge motor driver which has four drive modes, forward, reverse, brake and standby, to operate up to 18V motor supply voltage. N type LDMOS is built in both high and low side for output driver to achieve small package. It also has under voltage detection and thermal shut down circuits. It is suitable for driving various types of small motors.

Key Features

□ Control Supply Voltage:          2.7V to 5.5V

□ Logic Terminal Supply Voltage:       1.62V to Control Supply Voltage

□ Wide Motor Drive Operating Voltage:      2V to 18V(NMOS high side and Low side architecture)

□ Maximum Output Current (DC):      1.3A

□ Maximum Output Current (Peak):    3.0A (Ta=25℃, less than 10ms in 200ms or less than 5ms in100ms)

□ Maximum Output Current (Peak):    4.5A (Ta=25℃, less than 5ms in 200ms or less than 2.5ms in 200ms)

□ H-Bridge On Resistance:                  RON(TOP+BOT)=0.36Ω (typ)@25℃

□ Power-Down Mode:                       VM leakage current less than 2μA (Ta=25℃)

□ Built-in Under Voltage Detection Circuit Detection Voltage ; 2.2V(typ)

□ Built-in Thermal Shut Down Circuit (Tj): 175℃ (typ)

□ Junction Temperature:    150℃ 

□ Package:                       24-pin QFN (4mm×4mm)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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