2ch H-Bridge Small Motor Driver IC with PWM Constant Voltage Control

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Motor Drivers

AP1023AEN The AP1023AEN is a 2ch H-bridge motor driver of low voltage and high output current operation with a small-package. The PWM Constant Voltage Control will help to extend the battery life of the application.
The AP1023AEN is suitable for battery operation portable equipment such as Digital Still Camera.

    PWM Constant Voltage Control
    The AP1023AEN is able to adjust the PWM duty in accordance with the motor operating voltage. When the motor operating voltage is high, the power consumption is reduced and stable motor torque can be provided even when the motor operating voltage is low. It will help to extend the battery life of the application.

    The AP1023AEN integrates a 2ch H-Bridge motor driver that can drive maximum output current of 1.45A in a small 24-pin QFN package.

    Capable of Driving Two DC Motors or One Stepper Motor

Key Features

Stepping Motor Driver

 PWM Constant Voltage Control
 Motor Operating Voltage  1.6 to 6.5V
 Control Supply Voltage  2.7 to 5.5V
 Maximum Output Current  1.45A (Ta=25°C, 2ch simultaneously)
 H-Bridge On-Resistance(High+Low)  0.54Ω (Ta=25°C)
 Charge Pump Circuit
 Under Voltage Lockout Circuit (UVLO)
 Thermal Shutdown Circuit (TSD)
 Package  24-pin QFN (4mm×4mm、with Exposed Pad)
 Operating Temperature Range  -30 to 85°C

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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