A single power supply, 5.5V-32V, 1.2A, Built-in Start-UP function, 1ch H-Bridge Motor Driver IC

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Motor Drivers

The AP1029ADN is a 1ch H-Bride Motor Driver characterized by generating a constant motor torque, a built-in Start-Up function and a small package. The H-bridge of the AP1029ADN employs the P-N construction that eliminates the need for charge pump reducing the external parts, and its low on-resistance realizes high efficiency while keeping low consumption.
An anomaly detection output pin, under voltage detection circuit, thermal shut down circuit and over-current protection circuit are integrated. These functions will improve reliability of the system.
The AP1029ADN is the product of the general-purpose H-bridge motor driver AP102x series.


□Constant Motor Torque
The AP1029ADN is suitable for various systems by supporting a wide range application voltage (5.5V to 32V) and it operates off of a single power supply with an internal 4.5V regulator. In addition, the AP1029ADN has PWM Duty Control that adjusts duty automatically if the power supply voltage is changed. Therefore a constant motor torque can be provided even when the battery voltage drops.

□Start-up Function
The drive method of start-up operation can be selected either duty cycle of 0% or 100%.

The AP1029ADN is housed in an ultra-small 16-pin QFN package (3mm×3mm).

Key Features

● Operating Temperature Range                                  -40 ~ 85°C
● Motor Operating Voltage                                         5.5 ~ 32V
● Maximum Output Current (DC)                               1.2 A @Ta=25°C
● H-Bridge On Resistance                                          1.0Ω @ Ta=25°C
● Drive Mode (2 inputs, PWM control also available)  forward, reverse, brake, standby
● Switchable output voltage control function                 Input Signal Control, External Voltage Control
● Start-Up Function
● 4.5V Output LDO
● Anomaly Detection Output pin (FLG pin)
● Under Voltage Detection Circuit (UVLO)
● Thermal Shut Down Circuit (TSD)
● Over-Current Protection Circuit(OCP)
● Package                                                                   16-pin QFN (3mm×3mm)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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