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The AP1029ADR is a 1ch H-bridge compact motor driver that can maintain a constant motor torque even when the input voltage fluctuates.
It has a built-in 4.5 V regulator that supports motor operation voltage from 5.5 V to 32 V. The AP1029ADR can be driven with a single power supply, making it suitable to a wide range of products.
The AP1029ADR integrates low voltage detection, overheat protection and overcurrent protection circuits in addition to an abnormal status detection output terminal that realizes protection functions, improving the reliability of the system.
The AP1029ADR has a temperature range of -40 ℃ to 105 ℃, (expanded from 85 ℃ of the previous design).

  • Stable Motor Torque Drive
    The AP1029ADR can maintain a motor torque constant without an external regulator since it automatically generates a PWM signal and adjusts the duty cycle according to the power supply voltage.

  • Startup Selection function
    It is possible to select a soft start, (at 0% duty), or fast start, (at 100% duty), operation mode when enabling the AP1029ADR.

  • Small Package
    The AP1029 is housed in a 3 mm × 3 mm 16-pin QFN package, shrinking system size.

Key Features


DC Brush Motor Driver
Product Name AP1029ADR
Operating Temperature Range[°C]-40 ℃ ~ 105 ℃
Motor Driver Operating Voltage Range (single power supply)[V]5.5 V ~ 32 V
Maximum Output Current (DC)[A]1.2 A @ Ta = 25 °C
H-Bridge On Resistance[Ω]1.0 Ω @ Ta = 25 °C
Drive Mode (2-input control, PWM control is also available)
Forward rotation · reverse rotation · brake · standby
Switchable Output Voltage Control
Input signal control, external reference voltage control
Startup Selection

Abnormal Status Detection Output Terminal (FLG terminal)

Low Voltage Detection Circuit (UVLO)[V]4.5 V (typ)
Overheat Protection Circuit (TSD)[°C]175 °C (typ)
Overcurrent Protection Circuit (OCP)[A]1.5 A (min)
16-pin QFN (3 mm × 3 mm))
Size (D/W/H)[mm]3.00mm / 3.00mm / 0.70mm
Status[mm]Available Now

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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